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Brokeface…I Have Brokeface…

This explains it all. We were running to catch the door before it closed and locked. I knew my jacket pocket wasn’t secure but I ignored it anyway. I ran. All of a sudden, it fell. I heard the tingle of the glass as it … it shattered. Brokeface.

Video from: Gorilla Glass

By the way, Android. We’ve been having some problems lately. The charger works now but this broke waay too easily. The screen still works, so…I’m not toooo upset.


PS: If anyone knows where I can get this fix, please help!

Mini rant, Rants

Just Something I’ve Noticed

2013-10-03 20.02.41

This is pretty frustrating actually. Many sites just don’t have any new content anymore. Where are they??? What they have is good though, so I’ll hold tight. They must be trying out that new thing called the ‘suspense and the element of surprise’ which actually may heighten their value….Hmmm, economic forces at play? I see what you did there…