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Work Ethic


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Those rhizomes…



bad news

Uh oh

facts of life

Who Invented/Discovered?

  1. Paint
  2. Milk
  3. (and more importantly) Cheese
  4. Alcohol
  5. …or just all fermented foods
  6. jello (those murders…)
  7. fireworks
  8. chitlins (chitterlings)
  9. castor oil
  10. mirrors
  11. glass (i know it’s more than just burnt sand, but still…)
  12. porcelain
  13. ….or pretty much everything u have to burn UNDER HIGH HIGH HIGH HEAT for a while (instinctively, it would burn to a crisp, but no. Some forager had the bright idea to just let it burn and cool stuff was born) <pun intended>
  14. cutlery
  15. clocks (grr)
  16. hairbands (thank you!)
  17. putting messages in bottles and then pitching them into the sea
  18. waffles
  19. go-gurt
  20. tape

Just had to spread my incredulity far and wide!




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To college students


A ray of light into the dismal tunnel of finals week.


Chem is try

good times

Only in College…

  1. Can you ask someone where they live and expect to be given details (like, down to the door number) without feeling/sounding creepy.
  2. Is going everywhere in pajamas a badge of honor.
  3. Share keys with someone and/or swipe a total stranger in…just because he/she’s wearing a backpack and looks lost.
  4. Is it not weird to raise your hand when you want to say something. (same for primary/secondary school)
  5. Can you join an organization and never show up.
  6. You get so much free food.
  7. Cake/Cereal are acceptable breakfasts/dinners.
  8. Can you eat anything at all hours of the day and not (really) feel (that) guilty about it