Yeah, apparently, things on the Internet are sketchy unless said poster reveals his/her true identity. So, I’m not (necessarily) gonna do that. Instead, I’m gonna give the bare minimum to assure you that I’m not sketchy despite the fact that I’ll only be giving a brief sketch.

name: Imani

Life story: nothing of epic proportions has happened yet. stay tuned. Does starting college count? I have a single dorm, that’s pretty cool.

age: you can infer that from life story

sex: infer from gravatar (is that what it’s called…?)

location: stuck on the world wide web. i’ll let you know when I find the escape hatch. My real life location might change a lot so, not putting it on here means I don’t have to update it. (yaaay)

moi: a happy introvert who has an interest in CLASSICAL MUSIC, especially THE VIOLA!!!!!

This blog: It’ll probably change a little without notice. For instance, I just added a sketchbook and a sticky posts page that you should check out now. I may add more, depends on my mood and if it’s appropriate. THANK YOU!!




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