poor grater

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The Sad Tale of a Poor Grater



A recent obsession with the Phantom of the Opera has seeped into my pencil.

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The Mask From The Phantom of the Opera



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The True Scientific Method



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Work Ethic


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Those rhizomes…

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True Stuff


  1. WOOT! Impulse to run through the night? DO IT ALONE (get out of groupthink) and didn’t stop when people came!
  2. Someone wants to roll on the floor? ENCOURAGED IT
  3. wanna dance? DANCE
  4. wanna sing? SING
  5. wanna strut? STRUUUTT
  6. wanna laugh? LAAAUUGGGH LOUDLY
  7. wanna flirt? 😉 <- within reason, sexual harassment is not cool (from either gender)
  8. someone wants to eat and you’re not hungry? go with them, BE A PAL
  9. nothing to talk about? duh, it’s called stream of consciousness. Whole books have been written this way and you’re complaining about a 5 minute convo? please…
  10. at a networking event? ask anything, it doesn’t matter. if you end up sounding stupid, they probably won’t remember anyway. Besides, a nugget of useful information may slip out.
  11. don’t want to calm someone you barely know just to calm your guilt for not being compassionate to a near stranger? DON’T <cuz it’s très obvi>
  12. SMILE at people, say hello if they stare at u doing one of these things
  13. and do all these things WITHOUT LOOKING BEHIND U TO MAKE SURE U’RE ALONE. Why? CAUSE U REALLY DON’T CARE (hint: they don’t either and if they do, at least someone will remember you after you die)
  14. when faced w/an (mundane) option, choose the new one. Today, i had frosted flakes for the first time, sans milk. Not bad, not bad. At least i had the presence of mind to bring something to drink. 😉
  15. show your sense of humor <sarcasm>

^of course have a sense of basic morality/decency, but that’s actually not as limiting as it initially sounds (or has been made to sound)

See, even introverts can socialize w/o getting drained.

Still have a bucket of homework to do…