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Since when did computers learn languages?

Yeah, so it’s 2 AM and I’m awake, agonizing over the fact that systems like Javascript are programming languages. I’ve been relearning Java with codeacademy and I’ve noticed some odd things:

1. Computers speak English
This one sort of makes sense since English-speakers invented it, but now I get part of why learning English is such a big deal.
2. Well, only certain aspects of English and its common grammatical markings
Those semicolons…
3. Someone must have taught the computer the items in #2
This is the most troubling since I can’t figure out how someone created a system which goes from english > conputerese > action/output completed.

I would do some research, but it’s 2 AM and I have a plane to catch tommorow. Do me a favor and enlighten me as to the cause of this phenomenon. 🙂 Ciao

PS: I’ll even accept a lmgtfy (let me google that for you) link

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The Only Person in the World Who Dislikes Movies

Yep. I’m that kid.

The movies. The theatre is nice but, the thing you actually pay to see. Not so nice. (So far,) I have two main reasons.

  1. Emotional manipulation
  2. Politics

Emotional manipulation. See, I dislike being emotionally manipulated. I don’t like having my emotions pulled from side to side within 2 hours and then not be expected to be in a state of disequilibrium for the rest of the week. Seriously, bittersweet films (i.e. Les Choristes) can throw me into a mini-depression for a week, with me crying randomly and just being in a bad/melancholy mood. Then, I don’t feel like working and there goes my homework for the next week. The following week, I’ll be playing catch-up. Why not save movies for the summer? Because I’d still suffer the state of inner turmoil as Jack and Jill go through perilous adventures and almost die like 5 million times and finally make it to their destination. Oh and Jill dies along the way. Yeah, try to not feel bad. Comedic movies are worse. Most of them try to make you feel bad at the end laughing at the pariah. “See, he wasn’t a fool,” they suggest as the camera zooms in on his sad face. Well guess what?! It’s a movie! I want to sit and laugh. You movie directors could either take up for him along the way or just let us laugh. Movies aren’t real life. I’m already sad enough from watching tragedies. Maybe I’m just too sensitive or unable to deal with emotions so I avoid them? I don’t know (so i’ts probably the latter) but what I do know is that I can not and never have been able to stand these mind games. Even back when I “liked movies” (which I didn’t, I was only trying to fit in). Now, I’m honest about it. “Nope, I don’t want to see a movie. I dislike them….”

Politics. Most movies have a point and many have a political purpose. I’m usually analyzing the movie along the way, so I’ll pick up on the slant. That’s where the fun starts. I’ll start arguing each point that I find and then, suddenly, I’m not watching the movie anymore, I’m ranting. “Sure, the movie’s nice, the nature shots are great. Just one thing. That idea is a little overrated. In fact, it’s not even plausible because….” Et cetera. Next thing I know, I have a tiny idea of what the movie’s about and couldn’t even really enjoy the film’s artwork or whatnot because the slant bothered me so much.

So see? It is possible to dislike the movies AND be a thoughtful human being. This aversion does limit the amount of things I can do with friends, though….but sticking to my guns is more fun, so life just got more difficult.

à bientôt

PS: By the way! I’ve added my sketchbook and an alternative to sticky posts, so explore this wonderful world!

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Makeup: great stuff that imposes a stressful status

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup.

As an artist, I find it fun to create different illusions over my eyes and play with them.


It’s taken a bit too seriously.

Technically it can’t transform you into a ravishing beauty. It can only enhance what’s already there. So why is it that I get totally different reactions on makeup days versus non makeup days when my eyes only look slightly larger and deeper? That’s all I use, no concealer, just eye makeup and my eyes are already large.

Is it that I look more professional, like I know my stuff and yours too. Does it look like since I take care of my looks, I have confidence, and am receptive to mingling? Whereas not having makeup makes me seem antisocial, like I don’t care and neither should you!?

Whatever it is, all I’m asking for is the right to have a day off. It’s not necessarily a bad day or a day in which I woke up late and am in a hurry. I may not have anywhere to go. Just please let me have a day off (once in a blue moon, I promise) so that I don’t become a slave to the brush.



The fingerprint scanner on my computer broke and managed to pop out halfway. I’ve lost confidence in this product and would actually prefer something more easily hacked in to (in case technology fails on me). So yeah. Irrational fears,  for the win!

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This is why I don’t want an iPhone 5 S/C…

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What having 2 hours of sleep feels like:

I am/feel

  1. sick
  2. like tiny hammers are pounding in my head
  3. like my head received several blows from a nerf gun
  4. lost
  5. confused
  6. dazzled
  7. like i’m hovering between reality and the ground. That’s when i trip (wrong day to wear heels)
  8. like my head is frozen solid and can’t move
  9. like my brain is frozen and can’t think
  10. like I shouldn’t do any work (of course, this feeds into getting behind)
  11. worried about nothing (literally: nothing)
  12. the dead space in my head
  13. in either in constant bitch-face mode or surprised face mode. i think i alternate
  14. unashamed of increased profanity usage beyond normal  levels (this isn’t turret’s, i swear (ahhh, pardon the pun!)
  15. was that a pun? I don’t even know anymore
  16. unfunny
  17. was that a word?
  18. apathetic
  19. like after i take a nap. i need another

This face ಠ_ಠ pretty much sums up my expressions/feelings after this harrowing experience.

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Just Something I’ve Noticed

2013-10-03 20.02.41

This is pretty frustrating actually. Many sites just don’t have any new content anymore. Where are they??? What they have is good though, so I’ll hold tight. They must be trying out that new thing called the ‘suspense and the element of surprise’ which actually may heighten their value….Hmmm, economic forces at play? I see what you did there…