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A very important message

They said it best, when:

Today makes you sad: Musical: Heartbroken Tap Dance  by AVByte

Today makes you happy: Share the Love (Ukelele) by Paint



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The True Scientific Method




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To college students

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Only in College…

  1. Can you ask someone where they live and expect to be given details (like, down to the door number) without feeling/sounding creepy.
  2. Is going everywhere in pajamas a badge of honor.
  3. Share keys with someone and/or swipe a total stranger in…just because he/she’s wearing a backpack and looks lost.
  4. Is it not weird to raise your hand when you want to say something. (same for primary/secondary school)
  5. Can you join an organization and never show up.
  6. You get so much free food.
  7. Cake/Cereal are acceptable breakfasts/dinners.
  8. Can you eat anything at all hours of the day and not (really) feel (that) guilty about it


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Here’s the mail, it never fails!


So once upon a time (few days ago), my mother called me and told me she’d be sending me some packages with some suitcases, leg warmers, and a nice winter coat for my first Midwestern winter. Piece of cake, I thought. I’ll just go to the mail room, pick up the packages and put everything away.


I get an email from the mailroom about some “very large” packages that I should pick up “as soon as possible.” I run down to get them, only to come across, not some “very large packages,” but these monsters. I seriously had to rent a dolly, accidentally set off the door alarm by having someone hold it open long enough to roll the boxes in, and kick the boxes close to my door. The result:

2013-11-13 13.37.53

Unnecessarily “large boxes”

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True Stuff


  1. WOOT! Impulse to run through the night? DO IT ALONE (get out of groupthink) and didn’t stop when people came!
  2. Someone wants to roll on the floor? ENCOURAGED IT
  3. wanna dance? DANCE
  4. wanna sing? SING
  5. wanna strut? STRUUUTT
  6. wanna laugh? LAAAUUGGGH LOUDLY
  7. wanna flirt? 😉 <- within reason, sexual harassment is not cool (from either gender)
  8. someone wants to eat and you’re not hungry? go with them, BE A PAL
  9. nothing to talk about? duh, it’s called stream of consciousness. Whole books have been written this way and you’re complaining about a 5 minute convo? please…
  10. at a networking event? ask anything, it doesn’t matter. if you end up sounding stupid, they probably won’t remember anyway. Besides, a nugget of useful information may slip out.
  11. don’t want to calm someone you barely know just to calm your guilt for not being compassionate to a near stranger? DON’T <cuz it’s très obvi>
  12. SMILE at people, say hello if they stare at u doing one of these things
  13. and do all these things WITHOUT LOOKING BEHIND U TO MAKE SURE U’RE ALONE. Why? CAUSE U REALLY DON’T CARE (hint: they don’t either and if they do, at least someone will remember you after you die)
  14. when faced w/an (mundane) option, choose the new one. Today, i had frosted flakes for the first time, sans milk. Not bad, not bad. At least i had the presence of mind to bring something to drink. 😉
  15. show your sense of humor <sarcasm>

^of course have a sense of basic morality/decency, but that’s actually not as limiting as it initially sounds (or has been made to sound)

See, even introverts can socialize w/o getting drained.

Still have a bucket of homework to do…

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“How Was Your Day?”

Grrr. I hate this question.

I think it’s supposed to be reassuring, let others know that you care about them, and to generally have something to spark a conversation, and that’s okay. It really is. It’s just that it’s (usually) just a social nicety and the asker doesn’t actually care, even if they accompany it with a smile (but if it’s accompanied by a concerned look and its your mother, then maybe she does care…just a little). Plus, many of many of our days are mundane, so much so that the answer is not likely to interest you very much. Do you really want to know what I bought at the grocery store today? I would tell you because it’s so exciting that even I can’t remember. Do you really want to know how I spent my day…sleeping? Really? Really? Or are you just fishing, no, floundering something to talk about. Or is it another reason? Do you want someone to ask you how your day was and this is your best shot? If so, then just come out and say it with “guess what!?” or something. There’s no need to ask insincerely about someone’s day and then get mad when they tell you every boring detail. (Hint: if you didn’t want to know, then why did you ask?). It might not even get you anywhere.

You: How’s your day been?

Them: Good. <walks off>

See? Now how are you going to tell them about your awesome news if they just walk off like that. Wouldn’t it be better to arrest their attention, captivate them where they stand with HEY GUESS WHAT?!!” What’s that? You don’t want to sound self-centered? … BUT YOU ARE! So just own it and go on and tell your good news. That’s perfectly all right as long as you’re not so self-centered that even after you get everything out and it’s their turn, you turn the conversation right back around to you. No. That’s not cool.

Now if you’re one of those people who actually cares about my day, then YAAAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You guys are awesome and I love every one of you that I come across. Just so you know. 🙂

If you’re asking this out of boredom. Stop. It shows. That just makes being around you uncomfortable: we have to answer a question that we know you don’t care about. Enough said.

Finally, I want to explain a little more about why this question is generally annoying. It’s annoying because I can’t answer it. I never stop in the middle of my day and go “<gasp> How am I doing? Oh no! HOW AM I DOING? SOMEBODY TELL ME!!! This is a serious question that I must answer RIGHT NOW!” No. That never happens. I never evaluate how I’m doing. I just follow my schedules and my whims and see what happens. Rarely do I even sit down and evaluate my entire day. When I do sit down to evaluate myself, usually it’s an event that happened or a person I ran into. It’s never my day as a whole. Even when bad things happen in my day, I hardly declare that I had a bad day just because a few bad things happen. Sometimes at the end of a ‘bad day,’ something truly amazing happens and, it becomes a good day, despite the fact that the bad outweighed the good in pure numbers. If that good thing couldn’t happened without the bad things, then I don’t feel like I can call it either a good or a bad day. But most of the time, my day is rather mundane. And that’s okay. Neither bad nor good days would be so impactful without a plethora of mundane days. So don’t ask me how was your day, ask if anything interesting happen today? (a bit awkward, but you can spice it up). How are things going for you (a little vague, but better)? Did you do __ ? (if you know me/the person well) Basically, get specific. Specifics signals that you care, not that you’re just passing the time. ‘Cause being talked to just to pass someone else’s time insults you doesn’t it? So don’t do it to others. Thanks! 😀