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A very important message

They said it best, when:

Today makes you sad: Musical: Heartbroken Tap Dance  by AVByte

Today makes you happy: Share the Love (Ukelele) by Paint


poor grater

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The Sad Tale of a Poor Grater



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The True Scientific Method



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Work Ethic


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Those rhizomes…

facts of life

Who Invented/Discovered?

  1. Paint
  2. Milk
  3. (and more importantly) Cheese
  4. Alcohol
  5. …or just all fermented foods
  6. jello (those murders…)
  7. fireworks
  8. chitlins (chitterlings)
  9. castor oil
  10. mirrors
  11. glass (i know it’s more than just burnt sand, but still…)
  12. porcelain
  13. ….or pretty much everything u have to burn UNDER HIGH HIGH HIGH HEAT for a while (instinctively, it would burn to a crisp, but no. Some forager had the bright idea to just let it burn and cool stuff was born) <pun intended>
  14. cutlery
  15. clocks (grr)
  16. hairbands (thank you!)
  17. putting messages in bottles and then pitching them into the sea
  18. waffles
  19. go-gurt
  20. tape

Just had to spread my incredulity far and wide!