good times, photo, self-centeredness

Here’s the mail, it never fails!


So once upon a time (few days ago), my mother called me and told me she’d be sending me some packages with some suitcases, leg warmers, and a nice winter coat for my first Midwestern winter. Piece of cake, I thought. I’ll just go to the mail room, pick up the packages and put everything away.


I get an email from the mailroom about some “very large” packages that I should pick up “as soon as possible.” I run down to get them, only to come across, not some “very large packages,” but these monsters. I seriously had to rent a dolly, accidentally set off the door alarm by having someone hold it open long enough to roll the boxes in, and kick the boxes close to my door. The result:

2013-11-13 13.37.53

Unnecessarily “large boxes”



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