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Facial/Name Nonrecognition: This is getting ridiculous (vol. 2)

Ok, this has happened like twenty times with seven different people (rough estimate).

Is this a common problem? In which one can not for the life of them place a name with a person, even if they remember meeting them? I can run into people, remember that I met them, and be totally shocked because I had forgotten what they looked like. This even happens in the face of people who I see weekly or daily, even.

I’m gonna chalk it up to not paying attention to people until they matter. Whether it be some interesting facts/convos I’ve had with them or, some information I’ve been told about them, it doesn’t matter. But, if I have information about the person, then I start to care. Otherwise, you fly rapidement out of my brain. Pardon my French.

But seriously, I’m starting to feel a little rude. I don’t mean for this to happen, but it’s automatic. It’s just weird when people recognize me and I only recognize our story. Not them. Not their face. Usually not their full name (oftentimes, I can guess a letter but I usually completely forget). Just our story: where I met said individual, what happened, were they nice or creepy. If this is widespread, then I guess our brains are like secretaries. Taking notes without stopping to visually observe. This is useful in conversation, but not when forming connections between people.

PS: A little more individuality in hair and style, please! Too many people look the same. (Or maybe I’m not looking hard enough)




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