facts of life, Ideas, self-centeredness

A Strange Depression and Conflict that Occurr when the Parents are Coming

I love my parents
I love independence
I love their advice
I love to try it out for/by myself
I love their company
I love my company
I love their guidance
I love my bruises
I love their existence
I love that I will be in their shoes one day

I want them close by
I want to grow
I want to be cared for
I want a hardy backbone
I want to be watered
I want to flower

We can’t have our cake and eat it too, can’t we? Is this selfish? Over thinking? Underthinking? Is it possible? I’d both love and want for it to be so. If not, what should we give up? What trade offs are worthwhile? Are there any tradeoffs? Does giving up one weaken the other or does it backtrack and bolster the other? Both? All? None?



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