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What a Day!: Space Cadet Edition

The Steps to Making Spaciness Costly:

Step 1. Wake up great, but forget your coat…yeah, It was 48 degrees out.

Step 2. After walking to classes, buying breakfast,  shivering through the core, and settling in one of your last classes., fight off sleep for the next hour.

Step 3. Realize that your next class is in the same room as your first. Note that you really need to wake up, so chocolate’s your best best.

Step 4: Reach for your meal card and realize that you don’t have it…or your room key.

Step 5: Panic during class. Now you’re awake.

Step 6: Retrace your steps, find the hair clip that you lost earlier that morning. Celebrate briefly. Then return to panicking.

Step 7: Go back home, forget your student ID number when trying to get a replacement room key.

Step 8: Cry over the lost of $5.00.

Step 9: Wait, freezing, outside of dorms for someone to tailgate.

Step 10: Flounder around, at a loss. Ponder whether you should search the trash for your key card.

Step 11: Decide not to, so get jacket, and leave, heading ALL THE WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF CAMPUS to buy another card.

Step 12: Buy the card and walk back.

Step 13: Cry over the loss of $20.00.

Step 14: Come back home and realize that the door has been open the entire time, leaving your possessions free for the pickings.

Step 15: Leave for class, forgetting both to both put on your glasses and zip up the tampon compartment of your backpack.



2 thoughts on “What a Day!: Space Cadet Edition

    • Yup. That definitely crossed my mind several times. It wasn’t that bad since I was pretty much laughing hysterically at myself for doing this stuff and laughter’s always fun.


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