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Makeup: great stuff that imposes a stressful status

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup.

As an artist, I find it fun to create different illusions over my eyes and play with them.


It’s taken a bit too seriously.

Technically it can’t transform you into a ravishing beauty. It can only enhance what’s already there. So why is it that I get totally different reactions on makeup days versus non makeup days when my eyes only look slightly larger and deeper? That’s all I use, no concealer, just eye makeup and my eyes are already large.

Is it that I look more professional, like I know my stuff and yours too. Does it look like since I take care of my looks, I have confidence, and am receptive to mingling? Whereas not having makeup makes me seem antisocial, like I don’t care and neither should you!?

Whatever it is, all I’m asking for is the right to have a day off. It’s not necessarily a bad day or a day in which I woke up late and am in a hurry. I may not have anywhere to go. Just please let me have a day off (once in a blue moon, I promise) so that I don’t become a slave to the brush.


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