facts of life, Mini rant

What having 2 hours of sleep feels like:

I am/feel

  1. sick
  2. like tiny hammers are pounding in my head
  3. like my head received several blows from a nerf gun
  4. lost
  5. confused
  6. dazzled
  7. like i’m hovering between reality and the ground. That’s when i trip (wrong day to wear heels)
  8. like my head is frozen solid and can’t move
  9. like my brain is frozen and can’t think
  10. like I shouldn’t do any work (of course, this feeds into getting behind)
  11. worried about nothing (literally: nothing)
  12. the dead space in my head
  13. in either in constant bitch-face mode or surprised face mode. i think i alternate
  14. unashamed of increased profanity usage beyond normal  levels (this isn’t turret’s, i swear (ahhh, pardon the pun!)
  15. was that a pun? I don’t even know anymore
  16. unfunny
  17. was that a word?
  18. apathetic
  19. like after i take a nap. i need another

This face ಠ_ಠ pretty much sums up my expressions/feelings after this harrowing experience.



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